Rob Thomas claims to represent Valerie Harper

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What a scam! HELP please get the word out to stop this ***-artist

March 25, 2013

My name is Becky, my twitter is

It seems this @4everrob aka Rob aka Bob Thomas guy is a fraud do not give into his phishing scam claiming to offer “authentic” autographed books by Valerie Harper

He uses Valerie Harper’s name on Facebook and a website. It looks like an official website, but in fact it could be a fake.

I have heard fans can even create a .com domain and make it sound legit, and claim it is an official website, when it is NOT. Anyone can also create a fake celebrity twitter account and confirm it has been verified, when we know it is NOT real! On the domain he uses the name Rob on one page, then states as if he is Valerie Harper and says his name is Bob. Which name is it? hmm!/valerieharperfans?fr /> />

I could buy Valerie Harper’s book for only $15 on Amazon, B&N,BAM,whereas this scam @ 4everrob is wanting $48 really what a scam!?!

I think someone should stop this *** @ 4everrob guy everyone knows Val Harper does not have time to sign that many books if she is dying

He set up an @ email and is telling people Valerie Harper will personally autograph all these I Rhoda books for $48

These people who fall prey will receive an autoreply asking for credit card info, name, address, and phone number. Sounds phishy to me. He is claiming that Valerie will sign so many books and he already has 1000+ emails.

I ask you, how does Valerie have time to sit down and sign or personalize all these books for people? I doubt knowing she has cancer, she will be spending her days doing this. Everything he says is, “Val & I”. Don’t you think this is too good to be true?

On 3/16/2013 I was just about to give into his scheme, until I asked questions about how secure his email is, and how legit the autographs are. He used to update order info every single day via the .com domain, until I then began questioning the security and authenticity of the autographed books. Appraisers will tell you that anyone can forge an autograph to make it seem legit, when it fact it could be someone else signing, stamped, or auto-penned.

He then used me as an example via Twitter, saying terrible remarks about me that I was an “alarmist” and got others to take part in talking bad about me.

He then called my home number threatening to have an attorney of Val’s to silence me if I didn’t shut up – this is why I am warning everyone-this guy is a fake.

To begin with if this were a real PR guy, he would not have gotten so bent out of shape when I dared to question the legitimacy of this offer.

Yes I have contacted the IC3, Attorney Generals of both states involved (Alabama and California)

I also have saved screen shots, emails, tweets for future references.

I need help spreading the word about my bad experience so that no one else will fall for his scheme.

Please I ask that someone help me in this matter. It also seems he may have hacked into her website, Facebook or twitter. These people falling prey to this scam are unaware of what is happening. He has them all suckered. As the old saying goes, “There’s a sucker born every minute” – author unknown

I will not allow anyone to silence me on this matter, when I know as a consumer I was in the right to ask questions. For him to threaten me with so-called legal tactics, I believe he is a cyber-bully. I do not think Valerie Harper would allow this to happen, if she was aware. She may not be aware of this taking place. Even if he actually knows her, it seems he’s just some crazed fan that attended all of her book signings and snapped pictures. The pictures on his twitter page shows.

I try to get along with everyone, be their friends, but sometimes you got to draw the line. This has taught me a whole new level of “never give up”, “never take no for an answer”, “speak up”, “take up for yourself”, “ask questions”. Never be afraid to ask!


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Valerie Harper was very difficult to work with on the set of "The Hogan Family".I know this, because I worked on the set.

She may seem like a nice lady to the media, but that's a LIE. She is lying to all of her fans, there is no way she would still be alive after all this time. If she really had that type of brain cancer, she would have been dead long before now.

All of this in the news the past year was nothing but a publicity stunt by her so called little pip squeak she hired for her manager.If I were her, I would have fired him after his horrible treatment to the poster of this original thread.

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beware of Bob Thomas, he will trick you into giving out your personal info

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Rob is a phisher

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I have heard reports about Rob Thomas's autograph scams. There is no way to prove how real these autographs are, but it is easy for him to continue pulling this off.

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